New Student information




Each of our students as they enroll is given a brief orientation and tour of our school.  We make sure each student knows how to locate classes and answer any question they may have.


Every summer we hold Jump Start for our incoming 6th graders. Dates vary each year but the new students coming to Rossview really enjoy getting familiar with the school and how Middle works.



The following items are required for enrollment:




Directions to our school


From I24 West – take exit 8 and turn left

From I24 East – take exit 8 and turn right

The Rossview Complex will be less than a mile on your right.


       From Wilma Rudolph Blvd (US – 79)

       Take Warfield Blvd.

       At the second right turn left onto Rossview Road

 The Rossview Complex will be approximately 1.5 miles on your left.



Clubs and Organizations


Rossview Middle School has several opportunities for students to get involved.  We have various service clubs that meet after school such as Jr. Civitan and Jr. Beta.  We also have a very active Drama club that showcases their talents twice a year.  But we are very proud that all of our students have the opportunity to participate in school clubs monthly during the school day.  Students have the opportunity to choose between numerous clubs designed around topics that are of interest to our students.



Top 10 things that will help you get the most out of your Middle School experience!


1. Get to know your school.  Make sure you understand your schoolÕs rules and   procedure.  Remember you can always come to your CounselorÕs office for help!


2. Be in school everyday!  You must have good attendance in middle school to stay on top of your game!


3. Work hard for good grades!  Being organized and managing your time well are two important requirements in middle school. 


4.  Set goals for yourself.  Write them down and post them in a place where you can view them often.  Then work to reach those goals!


5.  Get involved!  Students who get involved in school activities are happier, make better grades, and actually like school!


6.  Make good choices and decisions.  Poor decisions lead to some type of consequence, but at Rossview when good choices are made our students get rewards!!


7.  Learn to deal with stress and anger.  It does no one any good if you explode.  Learn to relax, ignore the silly stuff, and have someone to talk to that you trust!


8.  Get along with the adults in your life.  You need to keep a good relationship with your parents and teachers at this stage of your life.  Trust me you are going to need their help getting through middle school.  Be respectful and communicate with them – they really do care!


9.  Do not get caught up in the social scene.  Gossip, drama, and fights can make your life miserable.  Stick close to your friends and do not get involved in other peoples issues.


10.  Begin to plan and prepare for your future.  Middle school is a good time to start thinking about what you want to do with your life.  Get involved, develop new skills, and try new things!